Master of China Studies


Master of China Studies, which requires students to study at ZJU for at least one year with the completion of 24 credits, enables students to conduct research alongside a team of 25 professors, all of who come from various departments in order to support our international program. Its interdisciplinary curriculum in China Studies enhances our students' understanding of China's political, historical, and social context, examining the work of contemporary scholars from both within China and abroad. Previous experience with Asian Studies and ability in Mandarin is recommended but not required for our program.  Our primary language of instruction is English, with a rigorous Mandarin course serving as a component of our curriculum.


Zhejiang University


Zhejiang University, ranked #4 among Chinese Universities by the 2015 U.S. News & World Report, was founded in Hangzhou in 1897 and has served as one of China's leading national universities.  We added our sixth campus in 2015, with an additional international campus in Haining City to be opened in 2016.  Our master students will be invited to join other international programs at this campus, and will reside in the newly constructed apartment complex. By train, Haining is 13 minutes from Hangzhou and 40 minutes from Shanghai.



Dubbed the "Silicon Valley" of China and the historical capital of China, Hangzhou will be hosting the 2016 G20 Summit this coming September, which represents just one of the incredible opportunities Hangzhou has to offer our graduate students.  Former students have gone on to work with organizations like Alibaba Group and Siemens in China, and many have returned to their home countries to pursue careers in diplomacy and foreign services. Others have continued their studies at the doctoral level.



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