SUN Jinghao
Professor, School of Humanities




Sun Jinghao, Professor of School of Humanities








2000-2005   Ph.D. (Late imperial and Modern China), Department of East Asian Studies,University of Toronto, Canada.

                  Dissertation: City, State, and the Grand Canal: Jining’s Identity and Transformation, 1289 –1937

                  Supervisor: Timothy Brook (External Reader: KennethPomeranz) 

1998-2000  MA; Ph.D. Candidate (History), Department of History, University of Memphis,USA.

                 Thesis: Interpreting Yan’an Culture: An Overview of WesternImages of Chinese Communism During 1936-1949
                 Supervisor: Lung-kee Sun
1987-1990   MA (Premodern China), Department of History, East China
Normal University, China.
                  Thesis: The Yangzi Delta Commodity Economy During the Ming and Qing Dynasties and Its Historical Value
                  Supervisors: Xie Tianyou and Wang Jiafan

1983-1987  BA (History), Department of History, East China Normal University, China

 Research Areas:

Late Imperial China, 20th Century China, Chinese Civilization;
Chinese Urban Studies, Chinese Social and Cultural History, Chinese Economic History
Chinese Intellectual History;

Japanese History, Modern East Asia, Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Cultures, Comparative Studies of Chinese and Russian Revolutions;
Asian and Pacific Studies, World History


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Chinese Civilization

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