Professor, School of Media and International Culture


Liu Wei, Professor of School of Media and International Culture.







1989 Ph.D (British history), Nanjing University, China
1982 B.A. (Chinese history). Hangzhou University, China


Occupational Experiences:
1989- Lecturer and associate professor (since 1993) in history and politics, Zhejiang University;
1997- Lecturer/faculty advisor, and Academic Director (2006-09), China Center, Global College, Long Island University, New York;
2006- Adjunct lecturer and Program Director (2007-08), American Council of International Educational Exchange, Shanghai Center;
2008- Concurrent Professor in History, Faculty of Political Science, University of Turin, Italy;
2000-2001 Research fellow, Governance of Scotland Forum, Edinburgh University
1995-2000 Presenter at the China Central Television;
1991-1992 Postdoctoral researcher, History Department, Edinburgh University;
1987-1988 Postgraduate research worker, History Department, Edinburgh University;


Courses taught:
History of Western civilization; Comparative politics; English readings in philosophy, history and politics; Classics in the Western intellectual tradition; Introduction to British empiricism; Modern Chinese history and politics; and Chinese nationalism.



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•“The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95”, in The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Cambridge University Press, January 2009
• Environmental Argumentation and Political Sensibility: the Case of China, in Environmental Argument and Cultural Difference, By Ricca Edmondson and Henrik Rau (eds), Peter Lang, Oxford, 2008
• A history of modern international relations, The Zhejinag Publishing House, 2004;
One state, Five systems----Devolution in the UK, published as “Document for the EU-China Higher
Education Programme”;
• European civilization: a history of conflict and integration (contributor responsible for the chapters of
Britain, France and Germany), ed. Qian Chengdan, Guizhou People Publishing House, 1999.
Nations and nationalism in the British Isles, in Studies in International Politics, eds. Zhang Lidong
and Yu Jianxin, Zhejiang University Press, 1999.
• Aristocracy and the parties: politics of Burke, Pitt and Fox, in the Journal of Zhejiang University,
• A criticism of Max Weber’s Orientalism, in Historiography Quarterly, vol.2,1996, Beijing;
Towards ‘cultural history’, in Historiography Quarterly, vol.1, 1992;
• Theories on social and political transformation in history, in Origins and evolution of modern civilization, eds. Zhang Shudong and Qian Chengdan, Nanjing University Press, 1991.


Course on China Studies:
Modern Chinese History

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