Social Policy and Social Security in China


Social Policy and Social Security in China (Nov 15th 2010-Jan 07th 2011)
Lecturer: Lin, Ka
(professor, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University)
Language: English
Time: Tuesday 14.05-17.20 Room 413, Eastbuilding 6, Zi-jin-gang Campus
Course Schedule:
Lecture 1: On the conceptions of social policy and social security (Nov 16th )
A. defining the fields
B. on the relations between social policy and social security
C. Chinese studies of social policy and social security: an outline
D. implications of social policy studies on social development
Lecture 2: The development of social security system in China (Nov 23rd )
A.     the context of development
B.      a period of system establishment under planning economy
C.      a period of transition from “enterprise welfare” to a socially-managed system
D.     formulating a new system of social security for market operation
Lecture 3: Social insurance (Nov 30th )
A.     old-age pension
B.      work injury
C.      unemployment
D.     health care
Lecture 4 Social assistance, minimal income guarantee and labor relations (Dec 7th )
A.     social assistance and poor relief
B.      minimal income guarantee
C.      employment services
D.     migrant workers and labor right
Lecture 5 Housing policy and medical care (Dec 14th )
A.     the development of Chinese estate market
B.      affordable housing and publicly-rented housing
C.      medical care
D.     universal social benefits
Lecture 6 local community and NGOs (Dec 21st )
A.     community work
B.      non-governmental agents (NGOs)
C.      public services
D.     charity and voluntary work
Lecture 7 social services and personal care (Dec 28th )
A.     elderly services
B.      women and children
C.      the disabled
D.     corrective social work
Lecture 8. The orientations of Chinese social policy development (Jan 4th )
A.     redistributivism
B.      the productivist social policy and workfare welfare
C.      social policy and developmental state
D.     the social dimension of globalization
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