Media China:Social Control vs. Social Change

Media China

Social Control vs. Social Change(Feb 28th 2011-Mar 27th 2011)

Lecturer: Wei, Lu

(associate professor, School of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University)

Language: English

Time: Wednesday 14.05-17.20, Room 315, Eastbuilding 6, Zi-jin-gang Campus

Course Schedule:

Lecture 1: Introduction (Mar 2nd )

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Lecture 2: Print Media in China(Newspaper&Magazine) (Mar 9th )

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Lecture 3: Electronic Media in China(Radio, Television, & Film) (Mar 16th )

A.       Wang,X.(2010). Entertainment,education, or propaganda? A longitudinal analysis of China Central Television’s Spring Festival Galas. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media,54(3), 391-406.

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Lecture 4: New Media in China(Internet) (Mar 23rd )

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