China Studies Master Thesis


Dear students of China Studies program,


Here are some tips for your master thesis.


1. From now on, you could contact and talk with your supervisor about your master thesis. In case of communication difficulties please contact us.


2. Your master thesis is reviewed by your supervisor and three other professors. If they all give a positive feedback you will be approved for the oral examination. However, you just have to care about the advice given by your supervisor. We will send your master thesis to other three reviewers, after your thesis is done.


3. To obtain a China Studies master's degree, you must have passed the courses last semester

a.    the Chinese course and Survey

b.    five papers have been written and delivered. You could decide by yourselves among the six courses conducted by Fan, Sun, Liu, Ma, Lin, Zhang.

c.    have applied for the recognition performance.

d.    have registered for the master examination, written the master's thesis and passed the oral examination.


4. The oral test runs like this: at first 15-20 minutes presentation and then discussion with the professors (3-5 teachers) about your thesis.


5. The Double Master students (DaFler) no longer need to register at the Technical University of Berlin for the exam, you just need a registration at Zhejiang University. The University needs only the final score of your master thesis and the notes of the seminars. The double master's students must have two supervisors, one in China and one in Germany. Their thesis should be reviewed by both sides.


For further questions please contact us at your disposal.


Wish you every success in writing the master thesis!



Fakulty of Arts and Humanities

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