Chinese Civilization
Lecturer: Sun, Jinghao
(Professor, School of Humanities, Zhejiang University)
Language: English
Course Schedule:
 Leture 1: Introduction: From Pre-history to the Foundation of Chinese Civilization
A.       Ebery 3-9, Connections: The Pre-history of East Asia;
B.        Ebery 10-24, China in the Bronze Age;
C.        Ebery 25-42, Philosophers and Warring States During the Eastern Zhou Period.
 Lecture 2: The Qin Unification and the Han Empire
A.       Craig 202-219, China’s First Empire
B.        Philosophical Conversation on the Hundred Schools of Thought
 Lecture 3: Political Division to the Unified Medieval Sui and Tang Empire: The Arrival and Sinification of Buddhism
A.       Ebery 71-87, Political Division in China and the Spread of Buddhism;
B.        Craig 225-234, Reestablishment of Empire: Sui, and Tang Dynasties.
 Lecture 4: The Late Imperial Period I: the Song and Yuan Dynasties
A.       Craig 234-251, Transition to Late Imperial China: The Sung Dynasty & China in the Mongol World Empire: the Yuan Dynasty.
 Lecture 5: The Late Imperial Period II: Ming China and World Trade
A.       Murphey 123-147, New Imperial Splendor in China: The Ming Dynasty
 Lecture 6: The Rise and Down of Qing China
A.       Murphey 148-170, the Qing in Prosperity and Decline;
B.        Craig 813-822, the Modern China section (early half) in “Modern East Asia”
 Lecture 7: Republican China
A.       Craig 822-829, the modern China section(later half) in “Modern East China”;
B.        Murphey 380-401, The Second World War in Asia
Lecture 8: Mao’s Mainland China and After
A.       Craig 980-986, the “China” section in East Asia: The Recent Decades
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