Nation, Ethnicity and Nationalism in China


Lecturer: Liu, Wei
(Associate Professor, School of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University)
Language: English
Course Schedule:
Lecture 1: The Great Chinese Nation
Lecture 2: Sino-Japanese Relation: its impact on Chinese Nationalism
Lecture 3: The Tibet Issue
Lecture 4 :Islam in China
Required Readings:
A.       W.J.F.Jenner, The Tyranny of History;
B.        Peter Hays Gries, China’s New Nationalism;
C.        Baogang He and Yingjie Gao, Nationalism, National Identity and Democratization in China;
D.       Dru Gladney, Representing Nationality in China;
E.        Ma Yin, The Peoples Republic of China, A Unified Multi-National State;
F.        Erica S.Downs and Phillip C.Saunders, Legitimacy and the Limits of Nationalism: China and the Diaoyu Islands’;
G.       David Patt, A Strange Liberation: Tibetan Lives in Chinese Hands;
H.       Peter Hessler, Tibet Through Chinese Eyes;
I.          Dru Gladney, Islam in China;
J.         Susan L.Shirk, Taiwan: A question of regime survival(in China: Fragile Superpower)
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