Application for Research Projects 2011-2012


1. The research projects are initiated by the China Studies Program.
The aims are to promote the contemporary China Studies, to enrich students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and society, as well as to improve students’ ability of research.
Thus the research projects applied must be related to China Studies.
It is possible to combine this research project with the master thesis.
2. All applicants must be students of China Studies Program.
3. The deadline of the whole project is 2012.03.31. By then, all research results must be submitted.
Time for Application: 2011.09.14-2011.09.28
Deadline of Submission of Research Progress Reports: 2012.02.15
Deadline of Submission of Research Final Reports: 2012.03.31
Please send your applications and research reports to
1. You may apply for a research project on your own or in groups of more than 2 applicants.
2. In terms of financial support, each independent applicant would get a support equivalent to a total of 3000 Yuan, and each group applicant would get a support equivalent to a total of 5000 Yuan.
First half of the research fund would be issued at the beginning of the project. The applicants should submit their research progress reports by 2012.02.15. After the academic committee examine and evaluate the reports, the qualified applicants would get the other half of the fund.
The academic committee would select and publish the best research final reports in collection.
And those who publish their research reports with the note “supported by 985 Project on Intercultural Research, Zhejiang University” in academic publications may get extra financial reward accordingly after they submit the publication.
3. Topics
A: You may choose one topic in one of the 3 big research fields: 1 Overseas Chinese; 2 China’s Image in Media Abroad; 3Comparative Research on China-related Issue.
B: You may also apply for a totally new project with your own ideas which should be innovative, interesting and workable.
4. Materials you have to submit:
A Completed and signed application form
5. After your application, there will be an academic commission that will decide the feasibility of your applications. And we will inform you the result on 2011.10.15.
6. Deadline of application:
All application materials must be submitted via E-mail to by 2011.09.28
LI Yuan, Ph. D
Associate Professor
Assistant to the Dean,
School of International Studies
Deputy Director,
Institute of German Studies
Zhejiang University
310058 Hangzhou

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