LI Hongtao
Associate Professor, College of Media & International Culture




LI Hongtao
Date of Birth: 7 January, 1980
Correspondence Address: College of Media & International Culture, Zhejiang University, 148 Tianmushan Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Postal code: 310028)
Research Interests: International communication, sociology of news, media and collective memory
Tel: 86-15168412686


Working Experience

Institution: Department of Journalism and Communication, Zhejiang University
Period: 1/9/2010 till now


Senior Research Assistant

Dept.: Centre for Communication Research; Department of Media and Communication
Period: 30/11/2009-29/08/2010
Project: "Established Pluralism" and Representation of National Interests in International News: Comparing elite media coverage of China in four western liberal democracies since 1980



●PhD, Communication (February 2010)
Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong
Supervisor: Chair Professor Chin-Chuan Lee
Dissertation: State, Danwei and Knowledge Production in China: A Study of Academic Journals in Communication
● MPhil, Communication (July 2006)
School of Literature and Journalism, Sichuan University
Supervisor: Professor Li Ling
Thesis: Structural Vulnerability and Representative Vulnerability: A Study of Socially Vulnerable Groups on Mass Media
● Bachelor of arts, Literature and Law (July 2003)
Southwest University of Political Science and Law


Specialization and Research Interests

● Communication and social theory
● International communication
● Media sociology, media in Greater China
● Sociology of knowledge



● 2007-2008, The Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students in the Academic Year 2007-2008, City University of Hong Kong.
● 2009, Top Paper Award, The Symposium of Research Students in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen University.
● 2006-2007, The Excellent MA Thesis of Sichuan Province.
● 2005, Top Paper Award, The Annual Conference of the Chinese Association of Communication (CAC), Nanning, Guangxi.
● 2003, The Excellent Graduate Award of Chongqing.



● 2008-2009, Research Tuition Scholarship, City University of Hong Kong.
● 2004-2005, Excellent Postgraduate Scholarship (first class), Sichuan University.
● 2003-2004, Guanghua Scholarship (first class), Sichuan University.
● 2001-2002, Integrated Scholarship (first class), SWUPL.


Publications and Presentations

Book Translation:

Shi Lin and Li Hongtao (2009), Chinese translation of Herbert Gans' Deciding What's News, Beijing University Press.
Journal Articles
Hongtao LI (in press). Anonymous Review as Strategic Ritual: Examining the Rise of Anonymous Review among Mainland Chinese Communication Journals, Asian Journal of Communication (SSCI).
ChinChuan Lee, Hongtao Li, and Francis L.F. Lee (2011). Symbolic Use of Decisive Events: Tiananmen as a News Icon in the editorials of the Elite U.S. Press, International Journal of Press/Politics (SSCI), 16 (3): 335-356.
LI Hongtao and Huang Shunming (2010), Visible Knowledge and Invisible Colleges: Reflections on Citation Analysis in Journalism and Communication from a Sociology-of-Knowledge Perspective, Journal of International Communication (in Chinese), 5: 6-11.
LI Hongtao (2008), Academic Practice under the Quantitative Evaluation System. Chinese Journal of Communication Research (中華傳播學刊), 13: 181-222.
Qiao Tongzhou and Li Hongtao (2005), The Representation of Urban Peasant-workers' Social Conditions: a Vulnerable Social Group's Shadow on Media. Journalism Quarterly (新聞大學), winter.
Li Hongtao and Qiao Tongzhou (2005), Stigmatization and Labeling: a Study on the Media's Characterization of Urban Peasant-workers. Twenty-First Century (internet version), No.40.
Li Ling and Li Hongtao (2005), Media Literacy: Investigating the Relationship between Peasants and Media. Contemporary Communication (當代傳播), 3.
Book Chapters
LI Hongtao (2006), The Dramatization of a Tragedy: The News Representation of 223 Murderous Case in Yunnan University, In Zhang Guoliang, Zhao Kai, and Zhang Yudan (ed.), Mediated Society, Fudan University Press.

Conference Presentations

LEE Chin-Chuan, LI Hongtao, Lee Francis (2010). Tiananmen as a News Icon: Examining U.S. Elite Press's Editorial Discourses, presented at the annual convention of IAMCR, 18 - 22 July, Braga, Portugal.
LI Hongtao (2010). Anonymous review as strategic ritual: Examining the rise of anonymous review among Chinese communication journals, presented at the 60th annual convention of International Communication Association, 22-26 June, Singapore.
LI Hongtao (2010). Institutional holes and knowledge production: Guanxi mechanisms in the operation of communication journals in China, the 60th annual convention of International Communication Association, 22-26 June, Singapore.
LI Hongtao (2009). Professional Media in the Orbit of Power Structure and Academic Marketplace: A Political-economic Analysis of Chinese Scholarly Journals, the 59th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), May 20-25, Chicago, Illinois.
Huang Shunming and LI Hongtao (2009). (Re) building Legitimacy through Discursive
Practice: A Study of People's Daily Editorials in Post-Mao Era (1979-2007), Creativity and Innovation in Chinese Media, June 22-23, University of Westminster, London, UK.

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