Chinese Legal System

Chinese Legal System

Prof.Qian Hongdao  

I. Legal Institution and Judicial System 
  1. How the Chinese Legal Institution is Structured
  2.The Procedure in China’s Courts
  3. Weak Judicial Authority
  4. Judicial Corruption 
  5.Lack of the Judicial Independence 

II. The Political System and Reform
 1.The Emergence of the Communist Party
 2. The Failure of the Communist Party and the Success of China
 3.Transactional Models and Anti-corruption
 4.Party's Legitimacy and Adaptation 

III .Legal Profession
 1.Legal Profession and the Rule of Law
 2. WTO and the Opening-Up of China's Legal Services Market

IV.  Chinese Traditional Legal Culture and the Rule of Law
 1.Notable schools of thought and representative figures during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period
 2. The influence of Confucianism ,Legalism and the Huang-Lao school
 3.  The rule of law and Chinese tradition

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