LIU Huimei
Professor, School of International Studies


 Liu Huimei ( Candice)

 Ph.D, Zhejiang University






Current Positions 
Deputy Director, International Communication Division, Asia Pacific Centre for the Study of Leisure ( APCL), Zhejiang University
Board Member of China Research Institute for Sports Leisure and Recreation (CRISLR), World Leisure China Chapter
Major Interests: Leisure and Culture, Leisure Policy

Major Publications

Jinyang Deng, Huimei Liu (2011),Recreation and Leisure in China,Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, (2nd Edition)(In press), Human Kinetics, US
Liu Huimei (2011), Leisure Value and World-Class Universities, Journal of Zhejiang University ( Humanities and Social Sciences), 41(3) 1-9, 2011
Liu Huimei (2011),The Development of French Leisure Policy and Its Feature, 2011 China Leisure Development Green Paper, Social Sciences Academic Press
Wang Lingling, Liu Huimei (2010), Communication Awareness for Leisure and Its Course Patterns of Current Mass Media- A Case Study of Hangzhou Daily, Qianjiang Evening and Urban Express, China Media Report, 9(3), 112-120,
Liu Huimei, Wu Zongjie (2010) Exploring the Aura of Chinese Leisure Heritage-A Narrative Construction of Dongwushan Cultural Memory, Leisure and Tourism: Cultural Paradigms,Rawat Books, Jaipur
Liu Huimei (2009) Choice of Development Model and Strategy in Leisure Education in China, Proceedings of (RC 13) Mid-term Conference on leisure of International Sociological Association, Beijing
Liu, Huimei, Yeh, Chih-Kuei, Chick, Garry E. and Zinn, Harry C.(2008) An Exploration of Meanings of Leisure: A Chinese Perspective, Leisure Sciences,30:5,482 — 488
Liu Huimei, Huang Jiang, (2008) Confucian Virtue and Ethics and the Construction of a Chinese Leisure Ethic, Journal of Zhejiang University ( Humanities and Social Sciences)38 : 4, 30-36
Ling Ping, Liu Huimei, (2007), The Main Developing Characteristics and Social Foundation of Sports Administration System in France, Journal of Beijing Sports University 30:3, 294-296
Liu Huimei, Zhang Yan, (2006) The Evolution of Western Leisure Ethics, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 22:4,91-95
Liu Huimei (2005) The Market Potential of Recreational Sports in China, Proceedings of the 2004 China Leisure Economy International Forum, 199-205, Hangzhou, China

Main Projects

Leader, Studies on Chinese Leisure Theories and Developmental Systems, National Social Sciences Foundation, 2010
Member, Historical & Cultural Heritage Exploration in Shui Ting Men Street, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Sponsored by Quzhou Culture Bureau,2010
Living and Touring the Past: Dongwu Heritage Village, Sponsored by three local villagers,2009
Member, Evaluation Report of the First World Leisure Expo and Strategies for the Second World Leisure Expo, sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Government, 2006
Member, Sociological Study of Differing Sports Behavior among Youth in Hangzhou, sponsored by Zhejiang Education Bureau, 2005
Leader, Plan for Leisure Education in Hangzhou City, Sponsored by the Planning Bureau, Hangzhou Municipal Government, 2006
Leader, Comparison of Eastern and Western Leisure Ethics, 2005
Sponsored by a Tung Scholarship (funded by Tung Chee-hwa, Former
Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)
Member, Development Strategies for the Construction of “Oriental Leisure Capital” of Hangzhou City, sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal Government,2006

Major Awards

Fulbright Scholarship, 2007-2008, Recreation, Penn State University
Excellent Head Teacher, 2009-2010, 2005-2006 (A prestigious award in Zhejiang University)

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