The social policy and social services in China

 The social policy and social services in China

Prof. Lin Ka

Lecture 1: The Chinese social policy development and international comparisons of social policy models (April 24)

1. the process of Chinese social policy development 
2. the stages of development and the basic orientations
3. the comparison of social policy models
4. the trends of social policy development in China and Europe

Field visiting (set one day between April 25 and 26)

Discussion (May 6)  Topic: understanding the Chinese perceptions of social welfare in a comparative perspective

1. What are your views about the Chinese condition of social development?
2. what's the most crucial aspects of social policy development in your countries?
3. what is more important goals of development: economic growth (the liberal option) or social security (the social democratic option)
4. is there any difference from the Scandinavian and the Chinese views on the perceptions of social security and welfare?

Lecture 2: Poverty and social exclusion (May 10)

1. the concept of poverty: absolute poverty, relative poverty, social exclusion, and social quality
2. the absolute poverty, minimal income guarantee and the state's anti-poverty program in China
3. the relative poverty and income redistribution
4. social exclusion, marginalization and social quality

Discussion topic: Poverty, human rights, and migrant workers (May 13)
1. how to understand the concepts of human security, social security, and citizenship
2. the Nordic experience of income redistribution and its implication for Chinese development
3. the forms of social exclusions in China and in the Nordic countries and the state policies to deal with the issues
4. how to protect the right of migrant workers in China or in the Nordic countries

Lecture 3: Aging and welfare services in China (May 17)
1. Aging population and elderly care in China
2. Community network and community care
3. Charity and the role of Non-governmental organizations
4. Social work development and public welfare services
Discussion Topic: who can take care our elderly and children? (May 20)

1. in which way to take care of the elderly in your country (home care, institutional care, or in-between)?
2. Could the cultural values play an important role on care arrangement?
3. the view on elderly care from the gender view?
4. the role of NGOs and charity development in China and in Scandinavia
5. Do social workers play their significant roles in service provision?

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