Perspectives in China Studies & Research method

  Perspectives in China Studies

Fall 2013, Zhejiang University

Yanhong Wu


Course One:  Sinology and China Studies

Objectives:  Understand different research features of Sinology and China studies;

          Understand the transformation from philology to social studies of China;

      Understand how these two different approaches are applied in studies of China


Course two: Paradigms in China Studies

Objectives:  Understand various research paradigms in China Studies;

          Understand how these different approaches have been applied

          and reflected in the field.


Course Three:China Studies in China

Objectives:  Understand how China Studies as a topic is discussed and perceived in China           


Research method(china studies)

Fall 2013, Zhejiang University

Li Hongtao
1. Research Design

Contents: topic selection in China studies, research proposal, sampling and access, research ethics.




2. Data Collection

Contents: fieldwork, in-depth interviews, case study method, textual and discourse analysis



3. Data Analysis

Contents: the tension between concreteness and generalizability, coding, grounded theory, theory building



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