Thematic Studies in Chinese Civilizations

Thematic Studies in Chinese Civilizations

Autumn 2014
Zhejiang University


Prof. SUN Jinghao
School of Humanities
Research Area:Late Imperial China,
20th Century China, Chinese Civilization


While this course is a chronological study of the political,economic, social, and cultural history of China from its
earliest times to the present, it focuses on significant issues on historical elements that shaped and reshaped
the trajectory and characteristics of China. Thus, this course emphasizes a thematic approach, comparative
perspective, critical reading of primary sources, and seminar-style discussion.
This course consists of two sessions in each meeting. In the first session, the instructor conducts a brief lecture,
outlining the historical profile in acertain period; in the second session, the students discuss selected primary
sources with an expectation of achieving deep understanding the meaning of historical literature.


For the lecture session, materials of the collection, the lecture reading, Introduction to Chinese Civilizations, are
made up of chapters from a few significant English-language textbooks on Chinese history.For the discussion session,
materials of the reading, Chinese Civilization: Primary Source Readings, are from a few collections of primary Chinese
sources in English translation such as Patricia Buckley Ebrey’s Chinese Civilization: a Sourcebook.

Course Requirements and Grading

 Participation and Discussion (50%): Includes attendance in lectures and
participation in class discussion
 Final In-class Examination (50%): 2 essay questions


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