Nation, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Contemporary China

Nation, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Contemporary China

Autumn  2014
Zhejiang University


Associate Prof. LIU Wei

College of Media and International Culture
Research Area:Chinese modern political history technologies

Course Description

This course tackles the growing current of Chinese nationalism with its origins and its potential impact on the Asian/world political maps. Among issues dealt with are relations between the Han and the ethnic minorities,Sino-Japanese relations, the Tibet Question, Muslims in China, and cross-strait (Mainland China-Taiwan) relations. A 1,500-word research paper is required at the completion of the course.

Required Readings

W.J.F. Jenner, The Tyranny of History;
Peter Hays Gries, China’s New Nationalism;
Baogang He and Yingjie Gao, Nationalism, National Identity and Democratization in China;
A. Tom Grunfeld, In Search of Equality: Relations Between China’s Ethnic Minorities and the
Majority Han;
Ma Yin, The People’s Republic of China, A Unified Multi-National State;
Erica S. Downs and Phillip C. Saunders, Legitimacy and the Limits of Nationalism: China and the Diaoyu Islands;
David Patt, A Strange Liberation: Tibetan Lives in Chinese Hands;
Peter Hessler, Tibet Through Chinese Eyes;
Dru Gladney, Islam in China; Susan L. Shirk, Taiwan: A question of regime survival’(in China:
Fragile Superpower).



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