Chinese Business Culture

Chinese Business Culture

Autumn 2014
Zhejiang University



Dr. MA Qun

School of International Studies
Research Area:Chinese Business Studies

Course Description

China has always been a land of myth, mystery and exaggeration for the West. It is an emerging market with the oldest culture and the largest bureaucracy in the world, with intense competition and an economy that is changing so rapidly that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. This course intends to remove the myths and look at the truths behind them. It aims to help students understand the interaction of culture and doing business in China, a subject often ignored by ‘hardheaded’ business people. It provides an overview of major perspectives of social and business culture. Topics range from Chinese culture (key concepts and values), myths about doing business in China and risks involved in doing business, and potential market for investing in future China. The main goal of the course is to help students effectively doing business in China if a business decision is made.


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