Introduction to Early Modern East Asia (1650-1850)

Introduction to Early Modern East Asia (1650-1850)

Fall & Winter 2014
Zhejiang University



Dr. Mathias Vigouroux

School of International Studies
Research Area:East Asian Studies

Course Description

This course provides a survey of major issues and debates in the historiography of early modern East Asia with a focus on China and Japan. We will begin by locating East Asia in the broader context of the early modern world, questioning the significance of “early modern”,“East Asia”, and “Qing/Tokugawa.” The semester will be organized into units, each devoted to a particular theme that will ultimately give students a comprehensive yet detailed grasp of major issues related to China and Japan early modern historical and cultural development. Themes include China and Japan knowledge of the world, foreign contacts, medicine and
classicism, the introduction of Western science, the debate on orthodoxy versus heterodoxy, and the development of consumerism.

Course Schedule

 Week I. Introduction: What is Early Modern East Asia?
 Week II. Foreign contacts (1): East Asia and the West
 Week III. Foreign contacts (2): Korean travellers in China and Japan
 Week IV. The Transmission of Western Learning (1)
 Week V. The Transmission of Western Learning (2)
 Week VII. Society and Economy (1)
 Week VIII. Society and Economy (2)





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