Introduction to the Art of China

Introduction to the Art of China

Winter 2014
Zhejiang University


Dr. Cho, Min Ju

School of Humanities
Research Area:East Asian Painting & Arts

Course Description

This course will provide an overview of the developments in the visual arts in China from the
Paleolithic period to the present day, and will relate them to changes in the broader culture. It
is clear that visual culture does not encompass pictorial or artistic style alone. By examining
the shift in visual culture in the history of Chinese art, the course provides an understanding
of the political, religious, economic, and cultural contexts in which art objects of each period
have been specifically produced and valued. In addition to examining usual art-historical
data such as the works of famous artists, it delves into scientific illustration, town planning,
cartography, religious iconography, etc.

No prior knowledge of Chinese history or art is assumed

Grading & Assignments

Students are required to submit one of 2000 words and one museum report, worth a total of
80% of the final mark. There will also be one slide test at the end of this term, which is worth
a total of 20% of the final mark. Essay topics are to be selected from the subjects of each
week’s lecture. Students can consult the individual title of essay with me.










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