China‘s Diplomacy and Foreign Policy (Nordic, Bilingual)

Diplomacy and Foreign Policy in Contemporary China


Instructor: Dr. Guo, Yi  



Course Description: 

The seminar focuses on China's foreign policy since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949. The first part deals with the strategic priorities of Chinese foreign policy in different periods, the players in the foreign policy processes, influencing factors on the political Development, the formation and implementation of the Chinese foreign policy. In the second part, the political relations between China and the major countries and regions will be discussed with the aim to analyze influencing factors on China's foreign relations and to find the relevant development prospects. Furthermore, it will be discussed what the rise of China for the world order means and how the current political concept of China "harmonious World" should be understood.


Course Requirements and Grading: 

  •  Participation and Discussion (50%)  
  •  Essay about given topics (50%) 



  1. (Lecture): foreign policy of China since 1949
  2. (Discussion): strategic developments of China's foreign Policy in different periods
  3.  (Lecture): relations between China and its neighboring countries (Russia, Japan and in Southeast Asian countries)  
  4. (Discussion): international perceptions of China's rising power 
  5. (Lecture): relations between China and USA, EU and Africa
  6.  (Discussion): the rise of China and its meaning to the world order


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