【Practice】MCS Students Visit Hangzhou TV Station


   In the morning of November 11, 2015, 51 MCS students went to have a tour of the Hangzhou TV station following the lead of Professor Wei Lu.



   Students went to the broadcasting hall and media producing center. With the introduction from the Hangzhou TV station staff, student understood how to make and produce a TV news programme and they all have been trying to get on the broadcasting stage and get a feel of what is it like to be a news anchor.





    After the tour, Miss Zhang Yanqi from international department of Hangzhou TV station gave speech about the future development of the station in relation to G20 summit, she also introduced the international channel of the Hangzhou TV  station and invited students to get involved in the future. Students asked questions related to how local TV station maintain its characters,how TV station deal with social media etc.




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