【Events】MCS Christmas and New year Party


   December 24, 2015 the Christmas Eve, MCS Christmas party was held in Tiandu City Hotel in Yuhang district of Hangzhou. 88 students and teachers from ICS shared the evening and director of ICS Professor Fan Jieping joined the event. 





   The dinner started from 5pm and Professor Fan Jieping proposed a toast with holiday wishes on behave of ICS. He wished students to keep up the hard work in the New Year. The staff of ICS and teachers also gave students Christmas gifts. Students exchanged their gift with the “secret santa” game and they got more gifts with the raffle part. 



     MCS Christmas party is one of the most traditional student activities of ICS. MCS wish to spread some family love to students whom away from home. With all the good memories, MCS would definitely keep on this loving tradition. 
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