Theory & Approach of China Studies Part II: Academic Writing

 Theory & Approach of China Studies Part II: Academic Writing


Dr. Gregory Travis


Seminar I

Master's level thesis writing requires a lot of work, time, and effort. Developing the best Master's thesis for your degree program is not an easy process. However, much of the anxiety associated with this process can be avoided, provided that students understand the schools requirements and pay attention to the writing itself. This Seminar is designed to focus on the steps of thesis writing and thinking necessary for completing the task, beginning with:


•Understanding the logic in organizing your proposal 

•Adapting your writing style to an English speaking audience

•Avoiding plagiarism

•Using the accepted documentation standards of your school


Seminar II

This seminar is designed to prepare students for understanding at a deeper level the thesis writing process. A portion of the class will be also devoted to students' individual concerns about writing and, if time permit, practice applying these principles in class. As such, we will emphasize the following: Making your writing acceptable; Understanding the relationship to your reader; Integrating source material; Adding coherency to your paragraphs; Introductions and Conclusions.

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