Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in Contemporary China (Nordic,Bilingual)

  Introduction to women's and gender studies in Contemporary China

Dr. ZHANG Xingkui 
Department of English
School of International Studies 

Course Description:

This course is aimed at familiarizing the students with an introduction to the issues of gender, women and sexuality in contemporary China. Specific topics include "the gender issue in China Studies", "Gender and Everyday Life", "The Leftover Women", "Men and Masculinities", "Gender and Ethnicity", and "Sexual Revolution".
The course is also aimed at developing students’ skills in conducting researches of their own through qualitative approaches: participant observation, case studies, in-depth interviews, the interpretation of documents (i.e. spontaneously created personal records of experience such as letters, life stories and personal blogs), and analysis of films and TV programs.
The modes of delivery of the course include lectures, group discussions and presentations of students’ individual projects. Required and recommended reading materials are provided for the discussions in each session. Students should read the assigned papers or book chapters before each session and come to class prepared to participate in discussions. Success in the completion of the course will be evaluated on the basis of students’ attendance in lectures and discussions, and a written paper based on their empirical studies.  

Tentative Schedule*

Session 1  Introduction: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary China
          Reading:  De Kloet J. , 2008, Gendering China Studies
Session 2  Modernity and the Rise of the Individual 
          Reading: Yan Y., 2010, The Chinese Path to Individualization 
Session 3  Romance and Marriage of an Ethnic Group
          Stacey J., 2011, Love without Marriage among the Mosuo
Session 4  Marriage and Femininity: The “Leftover Women”
          Reading: To S., 2013, Understanding Sheng Nu
Session 5  Female Subjugation, Masculinity, and Globalization
          Reading: Zheng T., 2012, Female Subjugation and Political Resistance
Session 6  Sexuality in Contemporary China
          Reading: Zhang E., 2011, China’s Sexual Revolution   
*Minor changes will be made as the course progresses, with further readings supplemented or similar topics be introduced. 
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