Chinese International Migration

 Chinese International Migration


Instructor: Liu, Yue 刘悦  Email:           

Course Description: 

This seminar focuses on the Chinese international migration under the impact of the globalization since the last century. 
Besides a historical overview of international migration from China since the middle 19th century, the course also explores new trends of Chinese migration such as skilled migration. Important results of an interdisciplinary long-term research project "The new migrants from China abroad" will be presented. This project is currently being conducted at Zhejiang University and focuses on overseas Chinese who emigrated since the 1980s from China to Europe. The formation of (cultural) identity of the first and second generation of the Chinese migrants abroad stands in the foreground of the discussion. 
The complementary part of the seminar emphasizes the emigration of the Chinese language abroad and its integration into western languages, which are considered as integrated results of intercultural communication between China and the other countries.

Course Requirements and Grading: 

Participation and Discussion (40%)  
Essay about given topics (60%) 


Week 1 (Lecture and Discussion): Historical review (Readings 8, 15, 20)
Week 2 (Lecture and Discussion): New migrants since the 1980s (Readings 7, 17)
Week 3 (Lecture and Discussion): Approaches in migrations studies and selected  results (Readings 18, 19)
Week 4 (Lecture and Discussion): Migration motivation and migration strategy  (Readings 3, 6)
Week 5 (Lecture and Discussion): Changing identity of the first and second  generation overseas Chinese (Readings 11, 12, 16)
Week 6 (Lecture and Discussion): Migration cultures and social integration (Readings  4, 10, 13)
Week 7 (Lecture and Discussion): New Trends of Chinese international migration (Readings 5, 9)
Week 8 (Lecture and Discussion): Migration and cultural exchange (Readings 1, 2, 14)
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