Contemporary Chinese Higher Education

Contemporary Chinese Higher Education


Instuctor: Prof. LI Yuan & Associate Prof. XU Xueying


Course Description and Schedule

The course consists of EIGHT periods in all (32 credit hours), 5 periods for lectures and in-class discussions, 1 period for student presentations and seminars, 2 periods for field trips to Chinese classrooms. Five periods of lectures and in-class discussions will be centered on the following topics. 


  • Topic One is about traditional Chinese education and Chinese higher education before 1949 and their characteristics. The essence of traditional Chinese education, as well as the conflicts and adaptation of missionary universities in China with Chinese local universities are touched upon. 
  • Topic Two is about the Chinese education between 1949 and 1976 as well as Chinese education after 1976. The disappearance of missionary universities from the mainland of China is highlighted in this part.
  • Topic Three is about the relationship between Chinese market economy and Chinese higher education. Three aspects will be touched upon: market reform and the need for talents; enlarged enrollment in higher schools; shifts from elite education to mass education. 
  • Topic Four is about the governance structure of Chinese higher schools. Contemporary governance structure of higher schools and its impact on academic innovation; personnel employment system and talent evaluation standards; student management in higher schools. 
  • Topic Five is about the latest trends in Chinese higher education: market-oriented, diversification and globalization. 

One period of student presentations and seminars is centered on the topics of interest to students, particularly on the comparative studies of Chinese education system and those of their respective countries. 

And there are two field-trip studies to Chinese classrooms. 



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