Management in China

Management in China


Instructor: Dr. Huiyu Zhang



Course Description

This course briefly introduce some traditional management thoughts in China and their application in management practices, which may open a door for the students to Chinese management thoughts and culture. Some Chinese firms will also be introduced as case readings, which may or may not be related to the traditional thoughts introduced in lectures. 

We will use a combination of lectures, cases, and debates in class. The purpose is not to memorize the facts about traditional management thoughts in China, but to develop the analytical skills and a global mindset that allow you to understand the nuances behind conducting business in China. To achieve this purpose, we will spend a substantial amount of classroom time debating on traditional management thoughts in China as well as some Chinese enterprise cases. 

During the class, you will have one opportunity to present your understanding about a specific business case you are interested in, and another opportunity to conduct a team project about business management. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to apply the learning as well as your critical thinking in your final essay. 


Text and Readings

This course does not use a textbook. All the required readings would be distributed via Email or in hard copies. Some supplementary readings will be suggested in class.



Your grade will be based on the following components: 

* Class participation (30%). All the students are required to attend all the classes. Students are expected to participate in the class actively, by asking and answering questions, having discussions, and taking part in other curricular activities. 

* An individual presentation (10%)

* Team-project presentation (15%)

* Team-project write-up (15%)

* A final essay (30%)


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