【Academic】Qualitative Research Method Seminar—Retired Senior Hangzhou City as Research Subject

     During March 15-21, MCS Nordic students group intensive course—Qualitative Research Methods for China Studies was taught by professor Stig Thogersen from Arhus University and Professor Li Hongtao from Zhejiang University.

    The main research areas focused on the daily life of retired people in Hangzhou with a focus on intergenerational relationships. Students learnt the qualitative research method and observation, interview techniques. The two professors are both fluent in English and Chinese, therefore the course was taught bilingually and students use English and Chinese to discuss during the class and do the readings. Meanwhile they also obtained the relevant knowledge of Chinese societies such as how to politely talk to the elderly in Chinese context and gain the trust of the interviewees. This course had 2 field trips as well, in Yello Dragon shelter and Westlake cultural square, students collected the data through questionaire and interview. Students would have one week to write the course essay and get the results after they handed in the essay.

    This intensive course is part of MCS spring semester courses and there would be 2 more of the similar course, Professor Irmy Schweiger from Stockholm University and Professor Rune Svarverudi will lead the teaching.



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