【Academic】Review of Prof. Susanne Brandtstadter's Overseas Lecture
    March 28th, 2016, Prof. Susanne Brandtstadter of the University of Cologne joined the Master of China Studies (MCS) program to give a lecture entitled "Doing Anthropology in China: Value Transformations in a Changing Society."
    Prof. Brandtstadter described her extensive research experience in Taiwan, Fujian, and Xiamen, where she conducted studies on the socioeconomic changes of the local societies in response to China's modern state building and globalization, and how these changes impacted kinship relations. Of particular interest to the MCS students were her experiences working with the so-called "barefoot lawyers" who seek justice on behalf of the disempowered peasant societies. Students enthusiastically inquired about the implications of her work with regards to the recent political shifts in cross-strait relations, and were excited to engage in discussion about alternative perspectives to her work on barefoot lawyers.
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