【Events】MCS-YES Students Visit Haining International Campus

   April 1, 20 MCS YES programme students went construction base of the International Campus of Zhejiang University in Haining. The director of infrastructure department Mr. Cheng Guoqing introduced the current development of the International Campus.


   Students first came to the command center of the infrastructure office, where they learnt the current situation of Haining city and the campus. Mr. Cheng showed everyone the sand table of the campus and then students went into the construction site to see the teaching, admin buildings and dormitory. Although it is still under construction, the basic outlook and scale can be seen and students showed their expectation and asked their questions about the function of different buildings.


   The phase one of Haining International Campus will be finished in 2016, 9, the Institute of China Studies will officially move to the International Campus, along with ZJU-UoE Institute、ZJU-UIUC Institute to be the first batch of departments to be in the International Campus.



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