【Events】MCS Students attending Alibaba Computing Conference

October 13th, 2006, 35 students from Master of China Studies Program was invited to the 2016 Alibaba Computing Conference, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.


More than 10 summits, 400 companies, 500 theme speeches were split into 2 main conferences. As one of the most influencing cloud technological summits, Alibaba Computing Conference exhibited multi-technological and the most updated technologies, which impressed international students.



Student, Khine Khine Han, is from the Industrial Department of Burma. She acknowledges the fame of Alibaba Group and Ma Yun all the way back when she was in her country. She was thankful to have this opportunity, knowing all the new technologies and learning new stuff.


In the exhibition, one of the most popular item was artificial intelligence robot-ET, which was able to verbally interact with people.

Miss Guan, from Alibaba Group, saying that interacting with excellent international students was an important step for Alibaba to go internationally. Mutil-lateral interaction contributes to value-making process of the cloud technology.



In the evening, students attended Yunxi Musical Festival, spending a wonderful night with staff of Alibaba Group.


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