Associate Professor, School of Media and International Culture

 Dr. Hong Zhang

Associate Professor
Department of Journalism and Communications
College of Media and International Culture
Zhejiang University
148 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou
P.R.CHINA 310028
Email: zhangh2009@zju.edu.cn




PhD (London School of Economics)
MA (University of Leeds, University of Warwick)
BA (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

Academic Experience

Dr Hong Zhang (PhD, LSE) is Lecturer of the College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University, China. Before joining Zhejiang U, she served as a research assistant and guest lecturer of the Department of Media and Communications at LSE and a research associate of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at LSE. During her PhD studies at LSE, she held a variety of scholarships including the Overseas Research Studentship (ORS), LSE Media Research Studentship, LSE Research fund and Wing Yip Brothers Bursury. She was awarded her PhD by LSE in January 2009, and her doctoral thesis on television globalization, examined by Professor David Held and Professor James Curran, required no revisions. She is currently researching on the export strategies of Chinese television in the global context.

Research Interests

Television Globalization in Transitional Countries
Media History
Political Communications

Teaching Interests

Communication Theories
Intercultural Communication
Media and Communication Globalization

Selected Journal Articles

Zhang, H. (2011) ‘The Globalization of Chinese Television’, International Communication Gazette, 73(7):573-594.
Zhang, H. (2011) 'Is Nation-State the only analytical unit for analyzing media and communication under Globalization?' in Contemporary Communication (《当代传播》),27(4): 42-44 (2011年第4期, pp. 42-44). 
Zhang, H. (2011) 'The Internationalisation of Chinese Television: Manifestations and Power Interplays, 1978-1991', Javnost-the Public 18(2):53-76.
Zhang, H. (2011) ‘Media Imperialism and Its Revisionist Approach Revisited: Toward an Synthesized Analytical Framework of Chinese Television Globalization”, China Media Research 7(1): 112-124.
Working Papers and Presentations                                    
Zhang, H. (2010) ‘The Global Circulation of Chinese Television Programs: Why CCTV Has a Limited Impact on the Global Television Landscape?’ Paper accepted for presentation at the ICA (International Communication Association) Conference, 22-26 June 2010, Singapore.
Zhang, H. (2009) ‘The Globalization of Chinese Television: the Role of the State’ No.16,  LSE Electronic Working Paper, pp. 2-33
Zhang, H. (2006) ‘The Transformation of Chinese Television in the Global Context: An Analysis of Content and Market Structure’ Paper Selected in the Proceedings of the Conference of Modernization, Modernity and the Media in China, 15-16 June, University of Westminster, UK.
Zhang, H (2005) ‘ Globalization of Chinese Television: Theoretical Model and Analytical Tools’, Paper presented at the International Conference of Chinese Television and Globalization, 28-30 October 2005, University of Duke, USA. 
Zhang, H. (2004) ‘Media Imperialism and Its Revisionist Approaches: A Critique in the Context of Chinese Television Globalization' Paper presented at the conference of Transnational Media Corporations and National Media Systems: China after Entry into the WTO, 17-21 May 2004, Bellagio, Italy.
Translated Articles
章宏、龚瑶 译(2010) “ 全球媒介研究的新范式 ”《当代传播》第三期, pp 59-60. by Terhi Rantanen (2008) , Dordicom Review 29 (2):  31-4
章宏、王启超 译 (2010 )“媒介体制、公共知识及民主—英、美、丹麦、芬兰四国比较研究”《中国传媒报告》第三期, pp55-67. by James Curran et al. (2009) European Journal of Communication,24 (1): 5-26.
章宏、秦增宝 译 (2010)“空中贸易路线: 治理,全球主义和通讯卫星" 《中国传媒报告》第四期,pp.29-36. By Price Monroe (2009) Global Media and Communication 4 (3): 245-259.

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